Production of plastic zip bags
(ZIP bags)

In a few easy steps, select the dimensions and order bags with a zipper. The use of our bags is varied: from food packaging, to packaging of devices and accessories, nylon zip bags will keep your goods from all harmful effects. See our price list or contact us directly.

Food packaging

Packing devices

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Plastic zip bags application

If you have not yet tried zipper bags, here are some examples of how you can use them in your household.

What are zip bags and how can you use them?

Zipper bags are made from a special plastic low-density polyethylene (LDPE) raw material, in which the opening has a click that hermetically closes the bag with a special patent. Besides being easy to open and close zippers, they are pointed out with nylon strength that is almost impossible to rip without much effort, yet their softness is able to adapt to all types of materials we use them for.

The advantage of a zip bag is that the content can be protected from spilling simply by closing a zipper that is also easy to open without the chance of accidental self-opening. Also, their advantages are reflected in multiple use.

The zipper can be opened and closed multiple times without damaging.

ZIP bags are used in different places, situations, depending on needs and ideas. They can be used in industry, sales, household, at work, in game, on a trip, for hobby and packing food and different items. The possibilities are various and depend only on imagination and creativity.

Sizes range from a minimum of 5x6cm (width x depth) to a maximum of 55cm depth and unlimited width. Currently available sizes with a price see here and if you can’t find desired size, we will create a bag specially for you, within a short period of time.


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