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When my order will be delivered? If your order contains some of the standard sizes from our offer, the shipment will be delivered within 24 hours via Post-Express.

How do you deliver goods? We deliver goods via Post Express, because our products are not large

How much is shipping? The delivery price depends on the weight of the ordered goods. See here Post Express’s price list.

How many pieces includes transport box? The number of bags in the box depends on the bags’ sizes. See the price list for the sizes, quantities and prices of our products.

What are the standard sizes? Rakić plast LLC can make zip bags from a minimum of 5x6cm (width x depth) to a maximum of 55cm depth and unlimited width.

What is the minimum order quantity? One transport box is minimum.

How do dimensions count? The sizes of bags are written in the format width x depth. For example, the bag sizes are 11×14, width of 11cm and depth of 14cm. The depth of the bag implies a useful depth from the zipper to the bottom plus 1.5 cm above the patented closure so that the bag of 14 cm depths is approximately 15.5 cm.