RAKIĆ PLAST LLC is on the market from 2007. We are a company, specializing in the production of plastic zip bags, that constantly invests in the best technology and development of products according to the specific demands of customers, in an extremely competitive marketplace. We produce high quality products, ecologically acceptable and made of special plastic materials LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). We are not satisfied with what we have accomplished, but we are committed to finding creative solutions for every new challenge.

Regarding to great demand for cheap and practical packaging, our MISSION is to meet the expectations of our customers by offering a variety of high quality products at an affordable price, as well as the possibility of producing different size bags requested by consumers, with minimal delivery times.

Our VISION is focused on achieving a leading market position by extending our portfolio with different models of bags, and with color printing to satisfy the needs of our customers for original and unique packaging. By developing new ideas in our business, continuous growth will be achieved by offering new types of practical packaging to the market

Our GOAL is to realize the vision and become a regional leader thanks to quality, price and fast service in the wider environment, that we offer to our clients.

The basic values we manage are professionalism, responsibility and taking care of  needs of our clients. Our customers are our best advertisement and the measure of our success is their satisfaction.